Monday, 10 October 2011 the MV: Wooaaa it's so positive, it doesn't look like mine but seriously the drama inspired me to do it with its we-are-happily-in-love scenes. I made the subs this way so the scenes look like a postcard, like those you send from a beautiful far-away place to share your happiness : )

About the drama:
I'd watched Yoon Eun Hye only in Coffee Prince before that and didn't like her very much there but here she's lovely.It's ironic because most people incl. the critics like her acting million times better in CP.

As for the drama itself, the script was a if written by two different people which I later realized was the case. However, everything was more or less forgivable until the whole mess in the final episode.Why did she give up on her personal mature-becoming? I don't buy that was the only way to be with him. And did the grandfather really need to die? And seriously did Seo Dong Chan have to be such a doormat for most of the time (though not the whole time).

Moon Chae Won in my modest opinion was amazing, I think towards the end all the other leads had given up on the drama and she was the only one still eager to act her part. Plus, i liked the heroine. Oh and I loved the reenactment of the airport scene in the last episode. Seriously, more dramas should use this approach.

Enjoy : ) 

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